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Library Services and Resources during COVID-19

This guide will provide library information specific to library resources and services available during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Other Questions

I am trying to access the Library's online resources but I'm off campus and I'm having trouble logging in.

When logging into the BSU Library Resource Login page, enter your StarID (without the "") and StarID Password, then click on the Login button. If you need to reset or look up your StarID password, this can be done at the StarID Self Service site.

Where can I access computers on campus?

Currently, computers are available in Decker Hall. Please contact the ITS desk for more details and support: 218-755-3777.

Can I renew books? 

If the books you have are not from Interlibrary loan, we've changed the due date, so you can keep them until the beginning of Fall Semester.  However, if you are not currently registered for summer or fall classes, please email us at, so that we can send you a postage-paid mailing label for mailing your materials back to us.

Keep an eye out for information in your email about books you have borrowed via interlibrary loan, they may have different due dates. We are currently collaborating with partner libraries to extend the due dates of those books.

Can I return books?

In short, yes you can still return books. We'd recommend the drop box on the outside of the library, but since they probably have a later due date, don't make a special trip just to return your library books.

I don't plan on coming back until fall, but have books checked out. What should I do?

There are a few options. Materials currently checked out are due August 27, 2020 at the beginning of Fall Semester.  Our best recommendation would be to keep the book until you come back in the fall. Otherwise, If you no longer need the materials or are not returning in the fall, you can either drop them off in the outside drop box at the Library, drop them off at any library that has Minitex Delivery Service, or email us at to request a postage-paid mailing label to mail them back to us.

The math tutors used to be in the library. When and how can I get math tutoring now?

Details on this are still being worked out. Check with your math instructors for details about how you can seek tutoring services.

How can I get help from the Writing Resource Center?

The Writing Resource Center will offer online writing consultations when classes resume on March 30, 2020. Please visit this link to schedule online appointments: We will not be offering in-person consultations at our library location until further notice. For additional information about our services, please visit our website at

Can I request books using interlibrary loan?

Yes. Many libraries around the world are unable to mail physical materials at the moment, but many of these same libraries can lend eBooks. When an interlibrary loan request for a book is placed, interlibrary loan staff attempt to fill your request by doing the following:
(1) check with potential library eBook lenders worldwide,
(2) search within the temporarily free materials made available by various publishers as a response to COVID-19, and if those two avenues fail,
(3) work with the A.C. Clark Library's acquisitions department to gather eBook purchasing options.
While we work to fill your request, we will keep in contact and provide updates on our progress.