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Library Services and Resources during COVID-19

This guide will provide library information specific to library resources and services available during the COVID-19 Pandemic

New Interlibrary Loan Requests

At this time, you can continue using the A. C. Clark Library’s interlibrary loan services. Physical loan requests are being processed, but some libraries in the country are still unable to loan physical materials. If you request a physical material, we may need to contact you to discuss alternative options.

Electronic article requests may be processed with a slight delay.

ILL relies on a network of libraries regionally and nationally to supply you with the materials you need. Most libraries in the country continue to supply electronic articles through interlibrary loan, but, nationally, not all library staff are available to access or send physical materials. Minitex and the University of Minnesota Libraries, regional library services that typically supply BSU with a majority of materials requested through ILL, are not supplying requests of physical materials (books, scanned articles or book chapters) until, at earliest, fall semester of 2020. As ILL staff continue to attempt to access the materials you need, please be understanding if we are unable to procure the material in your preferred format type. If you do decide to request a physical material or an eBook, be on the lookout for an email in your BSU email account from ILL staff to discuss your options.


Temporary ILL policy for requested format types during COVID-19 library closures:

When an electronic version of a physical material is available through online BSU resources or generally accessible online, ILL staff will not attempt to acquire the preferred physical format for the patron.  

Interlibrary Loans Currently on Loan

Due Dates

You will not receive any late fees or overdue notices before August 27, 2020. 

ILL material due dates are decided by the library that owns the material, not locally. Many libraries across the country are working to extend due dates of currently loaned ILL materials. Interlibrary Loan staff have preemptively requested renewals from the lending library for ILL materials due in the next few weeks. Some libraries have already responded to those renewal requests and others may not do so until they re-open their services. You are also welcome to review your library account to check your due dates for any materials currently on loan. If your due date has not been extended, request a renewal. In general, libraries are being very generous with granting renewals.



You have several options if you would like to return your interlibrary loan library books over the summer. You can either:

  1. Drop them off in the A. C. Clark Library’s outside drop box any time
  2. Return them at the drop box of any library on this list 
  3. Email to request a postage-paid mailing label to mail the materials back to us.